• Weddings in Cartagena - Connie Arango Weddings

Wedding Camila & Oliver

CityCartagena - Colombia

Date March 01, 2014


  • Weddings in Cartagena - Connie Arango Weddings

Our wedding was last march and thanks to Sabor & Gusto and especially to you, Connie Arango, our day was exactly as we wanted. A simple and private celebration, but with good taste, full of small details that allowed us to show to our guests our immense happiness and gratitude for being with us in such an important moment.

We were happy and didn't have to worry about anything and our guests, colombian as well as foreigners, were very happy too and we received from them only positive comments because everything went great. Thanks to you we could show the good side of our country, the beauty of Cartagena and the kindness of its people without excentricities and unnecessary expenses.

Thank you very, very much for everything!